Make the best out of your Ibiza Holiday

Ibiza Holiday Villa Rentals


IBZ-Link offers a variety of summer rentals that are perfect for your desired stay in Ibiza. We specialize in luxury holiday rentals of villas, traditional fincas, and mansions.

We only rent properties where the staff and facilities are up to our standards. Throughout the rental process we maintain contact with our clients, the owner, and the staff to ensure a smooth and relaxing vacation on the island.

What you can expect!

Despite being on a small island, Ibz-link goes above and beyond in offering holiday homes. We want our guests to fully enjoy Ibiza’s lifestyle and feel at home in our holiday villas around the island. 

From the moment you arrive to your chosen abode, we encourage you to get to know the real Ibiza and all it has to offer. We invite you to embrace the Ibizan lifestyle and the spirit of the island. 


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